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Genesis Lesson 6

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Lesson 6

Genesis 2:4-25

In our previous study we saw the creation of man in a quick and short statement. In chapter two God shows us more of the details surrounding what we have already seen. In chapter 2 and verses 4-6 we have a quick review of material creation and when we get to verse 7 it seems to slow down a bit. This, we may safely assume is for a reason. There is something to learn here; that we need to study is obvious in that God gives us more detail to see. We already studied verse 7 in our previous lesson but let’s look at it again quickly before moving on. We said before that man was “formed” and “created”; or made and created. The making of man was the forming of a body of the dust of the ground. The creating of man was that imparting of life by God which gave man an eternal and undying soul. This is how man was both made “and” created. Imagine, a body was made but the creature or the new creation was placed inside that body. Priase God! We will leave this old body of clay behind one day! Our captivity here will one day come to an end.

We already noted that the Hebrew word which was translated to the English word “formed” is a word which describes the way that a potter squeezes and moulds clay into what he desires. This means that God thought man so important that He moulded and shaped his body into a likeness unto Himself. This is Jesus, friend, who actually moulded the body of man, the Hands of God, and then He breathed life into him.

Notice what we are made of here. If we were to remove all the moisture from our bodies we would find that we are approximately ¾ water. Other than that we are dust. Just a pitiful little handful of dust. If you will recall, we as Christians are only members of a much greater body. We Christians are members one of another. The Church, the Body of Christ. Well friends, we know that we are but dust. We also know that water in bible study is a type of the word of God: it is water that holds the body together.

Now looking at our bodies we find a very strong comparison to the church. Both these bodies are made of dust and water. If our physical bodies do not receive at least 2 ½ qts of water a day, we will die. It will be a very painful and slow death by dehydration. We get this water from drinking, of course, and part of it from what we eat. We must have a minimum however, to survive.

By the same token, as a member of that greater body, the church; we must have water to survive. That water being the word of God. This is the water Jesus was speaking of in John 3 when He was speaking to Nicodemus. Unless a man is born of the water and of the Spirit he can not enter into the kingdom of heaven. (Read Jn. 3:5-10). After our spirits are washed clean and our souls cleansed by the blood of Jesus we then are to allow the written and the spoken word of God to clean up the outside. This makes it very important for us to be in church. That is where you hear the word of God preached. You can look at some churches and how the members live, sometimes you can tell if a church is drying up and dying on God when all they really need is a good drink. Many preachers just won’t dig into the word of God so that they might have something to give to God’s people. And it shows.

We see in verses 8-17 that God planted a garden Eastward in Eden. He prepared a beautiful place, a perfect place; and gave it to Adam to dress and keep and to live in and live of it’s fruits. It is here that we see in verse 18 that God said, “ It is not good that the man should be alone.” God saw a need, God was not at all surprised by this for there was already a plan in the heart of God for the man that He had made. God often allows us to learn some things on our own, of course, with His wisdom as our guide, even though we may not know it, God teaches us many things.

Look at verses 18 and 19. Adam did not know about what was said in verse 18. God knew about his need, even though as yet, Adam did not. Only when Adam realized his need would it be the great blessing it should be to him when he received this precious gift of an help-meet from God. This is one thing that Adam learned when he named the creatures. God had Adam name every living creature and in doing so Adam noticed that every living creature had a counter-part, a mate, one with which to fellowship, share, live; and it was in fulfilling this task that Adam realized he was alone. We know from verse 20 that he noticed this.

“but for Adam, there was not found an help-meet for him.”

We know that it was not God who found this to be so, because He already knew about it. “It is not good that the man should be alone.” It was Adam who could not find an help-meet for himself. This tells us that in naming all of God’s creatures, in seeing each of these creatures with it’s mate, Adam realized that he was all alone; The empty feeling of having no one to share your life with. There was an awakening in the heart of man to his need for one to be with him.

But, unbeknownst to Adam, God had already said in (Genesis 2:18) “I will make him an help-meet for him.”

God often waits until we realize a need before He provides it for us. He wanted Adam to realize that he had a need. Being a good Father, god allowed him to learn this by giving him something to do. So, Adam, in obedience to what God commanded, learned a great lesson, while at the same learning that he could do absolutely nothing about it. This would make him appreciate even more the blessing when he received it of God. Many a man or woman, marry too young and never learn to appreciate their mate because they have never learned what life is like alone. I was a bachelor until I was 27. I know what a blessing it is to have my family after being alone for so long. Because I was alone for so long I appreciate the wife that God has given me. And the children that God has given me.

God wanted Adam to know this joy, so, in His infinite Wisdom He showed Adam his need. By making him think.

In 2:21,22 we see that God blessed Adam with a help-meet.

Look at what god did here. He caused a deep sleep to fall upon Adam and took one of his ribs and closed up the flesh instead thereof. We see here that she was in him and God brought her out. Notice what the bible says. He made the rib into the woman. We already know that there are some things which are a mystery to us and will stay that way. This is one of those things. God made that rib into Eve. This is the same God who fed 5,000 with five loaves and two fish. He fed more than a million people in the wilderness for forty years. This same God has the power to do just what the word of God says God can do. And God made that rib into the woman who was to be Adam’s help-meet.

Notice this; since she was taken out of man, he would have been incomplete without her. Without her he was not the man that God wanted him to be. This union was needed for Adam’s life to be what it ought to be.

We know that we all sprang from Adam. He was the first of all mankind. Think of this. Because we must have a mother and a father, the importance of the woman is magnified. The natural process of reproduction tells us that when God took Eve from Adam’s side that part of us was in Adam and part was in Eve. It was after the blessed union of marriage and the consummation of that marriage that the two became one flesh though their children.

This makes it most important that great care is taken in the choosing of a mate. When God said, “It is not good that the man should be alone. I will make an help-meet for him.” I believe that statement applied to almost every man that has ever or shall ever live and that God had a specific mate in mind for us all even while Adam slept and underwent the first surgery ever performed there. In Genesis 2 Friends, part of us was in Eve and part of us was in Adam all those thousands of years ago. It was on March 25th of 1995 that God finally brought me together with my wife and made me whole. It was on that day that we became man and wife. And we were later made one flesh in our children, who God already has a mate for somewhere. They will be incomplete until they are together.

Look again at our text. God took a rib from Adam’s side and that rib he made into a woman. I understand the fact that a man is to rule his house. I know some think I am chauvinistic in some ways but it is God’s divine order for the home. God established this order. The man is to be the king in his home, but the wife is to be the queen. She is to be cared for, provided for, loved, cherished, at her husband’s side in all things. God never intended the dis-respect and abuse that we see in many cases. Men must realize that God does not give us a wife to be a maid, but a mate. We are commanded to love our wives. (Eph. 5:21-25).

Notice this, we are to submit to one another.

Matthew Henry brought out that God took Eve from Adam’s side. Not from his head to rule over him, nor from his feet to be trampled by him, but from his side to be beside him. From under his arm to be protected. From near his heart to be loved. Marriage is a partnership and it is ordained of God. We see the first wedding ceremony performed here in Genesis 2:22. God gave Eve to Adam. One man, one woman, one marriage.

Look at Adam’s words in the last verses of this chapter. We see his words that a man who loves a woman will forsake all for her because of that love. He realized how important she was to him, and how important this union was, and he said so. We need to instill in our young people the sanctity and the importance of this thing of being husband and wife.

We read in Eph. 5:21-25 “Husbands love your wives even as Christ also loved the church and gave Himself for it,” Here we are reminded of how great a love should be between a man and wife. Jesus showed us how great was His love for the church, but for fear of getting ahead of myself in these studies we will cover this in our study of the next chapter.

We see in verse 22 of chapter 2 that “brought her unto the man.” Here we see the Lord performed the first marriage. With all of creation as witness and God the Father to give away the bride and in the garden of Eden. A perfect and holy environment. It is good to notice the fact that there was one man, one woman, and that they were joined together by God. That is the way it should still be.

In verse 23 we see the bond that there is between man and wife. Without one another they are both incomplete. This is the one reason that it is so important to wait and be sure that the one you are marrying is the right one, the one that God intended. Too many marry the wrong one. To marry the wrong person is to place yourself into a relationship that will leave you wanting, incomplete even though you are not alone. And the marriage vows say it best, till death do us part. I still believe that is exactly how God intends it, till death.

These days divorce is so common that marriage is not given the consideration it should be. I do understand that when a marriage is bad and a mate decides to leave you can not force them to stay. I know that it happens and I am not going to go beating people up about past mistakes. But I will warn the young single folks and preach to them about how important it is to take your time, wait on God, stay pure, and marry the right one the first time! If God puts a couple together, I believe they will stay together. Those who marry in the flesh wind up leaving in the flesh.

The reason I say this is that we see in verse 24 how strong the bond is between a man and his wife if God puts them together. Not even the love for a father or mother will tear them apart.

And in verse 25 you see the purity of the marriage relationship. It is nothing to be ashamed of. When a man and woman become man and wife the intimacy of the marriage relationship is a beautiful gift from God to be shared together within the confines of marriage. That is the way that God intended for man to populate this earth. (Genesis 1:28)

It was a blessing and a gift from God. Some people believe that child-bearing is a curse as a result of the fall but it is no such thing. God had commanded them to be fruitful and multiply before the fall of man. Children were a promise and a gift.

NOTE Gen3:16


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